Women Don’t Need Love… But

From the end of 2016, it seems to be that women have flooded all of the media outlets from #nastywoman, #metoo, to the most recent #timesup movement. While I haven’t carefully followed much detail of these news stories, I cannot help to be heartbroken, angry, and simply disappointed over how women are/have been treated and…

Destructive Words: 4 Truths to Healing

Have you ever stopped to think about the language you use to your spouse? I’m talking about the actual words, your vocabulary you use. In reality, your words can bring true healing or sure destruction to your spouse and ultimately to your relationship. This may seem like common sense, but let me explain why: Criticism…

Become a Master in Managing Conflict with just 4 Steps

Finding yourselves stuck in the same conflict over and over again? Stop spinning your wheels. Try these 4 steps and be on your way to becoming a master of managing conflict!

Q-Tip Challenge: The Power of Choice

You may be wondering... What in the world is the "Q-Tip Challenge?" It begins with a story. In June of 2014 my wife and I stated our vows and said "I do." After our incredible honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, we both came home to a clean apartment, -$150 in our bank account and many,…

The Art of Compromise: How to Handle the Most Difficult Issues in Relationships

How many times does it feel like you're preparing for battle or you feel like you get dropped in the middle of "war zone" every time a conflict comes up? You may know it is coming and have your defenses up and ready, but other times it hits you like a big left hook and…

Column: Relationships: Maintaining intimacy in marriage

Don't press the "autopilot" button on your intimacy in your marriage. Follow these steps to maintaining intimacy for a lifetime of love.

Why “Happy Wife, Happy Life” is a Lie

I have always heard the phrase "happy wife, happy life" growing up and have actually given into the lie so many of us believe. The truth of a truly satisfying marriage (and life) lies in our relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. What role are you playing in your marriage?

Trust in God

Watch and listen to an uplifting song that speaks towards coming close to God trusting God - being committed to fulfilling His purpose for your life.

Beware of “The Four Horsemen”

Part of having a happy relationship is to be able to communicate effectively during conflict. To achieve this, couples must avoid what Dr. John Gottman calls the "four horsemen of the apocalypse." Find out if these toxic behaviors may be infecting your relationship.

From “Disaster” to “Master”

A husband and wife sit together in silence. They are both thinking the same thing... "How did we end up here?" They look around the office. The wife notices beautiful artwork on the wall. She closes her eyes and pictures herself in the stillness. She remembers their honeymoon, anniversaries, birthdays, date nights and Christmas mornings…