Foolproof Foundation for Marriage

Lifelong love begins with a solid foundation. Is yours built to last?

Become a Master in Managing Conflict with just 4 Steps

Finding yourselves stuck in the same conflict over and over again? Stop spinning your wheels. Try these 4 steps and be on your way to becoming a master of managing conflict!

Beware of “The Four Horsemen”

Part of having a happy relationship is to be able to communicate effectively during conflict. To achieve this, couples must avoid what Dr. John Gottman calls the "four horsemen of the apocalypse." Find out if these toxic behaviors may be infecting your relationship.

Living the “Perfect” Life

What if I told you that I have the secrets and skills to live the perfect life, have the best things, thrive in any and all relationships, feel comfortable in all social settings, have no more "bad days" and simply love all aspects of life? Would you believe me? Would you be interested? Are you…

New Beginnings – Big Dreams

To say the least, this year has been incredible and full of surprise and blessings. I would say the biggest event was Jessie's and my wedding and honeymoon. The day was refreshing, my best man [my brother] and groomsmen were outrageously photogenic, my bride was beautiful, the ceremony was flawless [I really would not change…