What is a Hope Retreat?

The Retreat consist of one couple during a single weekend covering months worth of specific marital issues within days. We all experience struggles in our lives and marriage. However, some seasons leave us feeling lost and hopeless, in need of help. There are answers! The Retreat is for any couple committed to pursuing a fulfilling marriage. Find out more!

Why Choose a Hope Retreat?

A weekend retreat creates intentional time away from distractions to focus on the issues you are facing in your marriage. The overall goal of the weekend is to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the human heart and mind; using the latest research and science of love relationships and exploring a true sense of self through biblical foundations and scriptural truths. You will learn:

  • Personality similarities and differences.
  • Effective and specific dialogue addressing issues in your marriage.
  • True, authentic understanding between each other.
  • How to implement biblical truths into your marriage.
  • Greater emotional connection and bonds.
  • How to develop and implement several tools and skills.
  • How to deepen friendship and intimacy in several areas.

Want to Find Out More?

Click here to receive more information about Hope Retreats.

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