Q-Tip Challenge: The Power of Choice

You may be wondering... What in the world is the "Q-Tip Challenge?" It begins with a story. In June of 2014 my wife and I stated our vows and said "I do." After our incredible honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, we both came home to a clean apartment, -$150 in our bank account and many,…

Column: Relationships: Maintaining intimacy in marriage

Don't press the "autopilot" button on your intimacy in your marriage. Follow these steps to maintaining intimacy for a lifetime of love.

Trust in God

Watch and listen to an uplifting song that speaks towards coming close to God trusting God - being committed to fulfilling His purpose for your life.

The Silent War: The 7 Truths to Overcoming Temptation

Many struggle with temptation and are desperate to find a way out. Here is a list of 7 truth about temptation to prepare yourself to overcome temptation and celebrate in victory. Logan Everett practices on the northeast and south sides of Indianapolis. You can contact him by calling (317) 572-7411 or emailing logan@newhopecounseling.co.

Column: Preparing before the ‘Plunge’

Original Post in Current in fishers - Premarital counseling is an important factor for a happy and fulfilling marriage. Everybody deserves a happy and healthy marriage. What steps can you take today?

Leaving Your Legacy

Before I put on my tux and my wife slipped into her dress, I thought it would be a great sentiment to purchase a Bible for us both. I knew I would be able to customize it to say, "Logan & Jessie June 27, 2014." After it was completed, I looked at the Bible and…

“Today, I feel __________.”

Today I was told something very interesting. A young man talking with me stated, "I don't feel feelings." Acting surprised I continued to ask more questions, however, he honestly believed he did not feel any type of emotion. After some dialogue - he changed his mind about those "feelings" he "didn't feel." Maybe you are…

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Take a moment. Right now -- and ask yourself, "What makes me extraordinary?" So many of us think of ourselves as ordinary, average, typical, or simply boring. Again - think, "What makes me extraordinary?" The subject of "me" can go in a lot of different directions. One thinks about their 9 to 5 job that…

Radical Together

An encouraging word every single day can make any day turn around in an instant. Unfortunately, I do not always have the time (or energy) to open up my laptop and write a formal encouraging word of the day every single day, however, most of us possess a book (sometimes multiple and in many versions)…

Finding “New Hope”

A large amount of this post was influenced by a sermon I heard a few days ago. The words that Louie Giglio has in his new series, "Hope Has a Name" seems to fit in perfectly with how I see myself in my own practice as a marriage and family therapist associate. I listened to…