Infidelity and Trauma

The experience of going through infidelity (or any kind of betrayal) is the very definition of trauma. The very upsetting, confusing, surprising, scary event shakes most individuals to their very core and leaves a devestating wound that may take years to heal. Some may understand that this is a traumatic event, but few understand the…

Destructive Words: 4 Truths to Healing

Have you ever stopped to think about the language you use to your spouse? I’m talking about the actual words, your vocabulary you use. In reality, your words can bring true healing or sure destruction to your spouse and ultimately to your relationship. This may seem like common sense, but let me explain why: Criticism…

Betrayed: How to Address Your Spouse After an Affair

Discovering that your spouse has been unfaithful can potentially be the most devastating thing that one could ever experience in a marriage. Regardless of the context or nature of the affair, in most cases, it is extremely difficult to know how to handle the cascade of thoughts and feelings that follow such a discovery.The good…

7 Steps Towards a Better Marriage (Part 2)

Helping couples is quickly becoming my main focus in my counseling practice and for a good reason - Healthy families begin with healthy couples - If we can change our marriages, we can change generations, we can change communities, we can change cities, we can change the world. What legacy are you leaving behind?

The Silent War: The 7 Truths to Overcoming Temptation

Many struggle with temptation and are desperate to find a way out. Here is a list of 7 truth about temptation to prepare yourself to overcome temptation and celebrate in victory. Logan Everett practices on the northeast and south sides of Indianapolis. You can contact him by calling (317) 572-7411 or emailing