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New Hope Counseling views health by looking towards whole person to pursue the best version of themselves. Through a holistic approach, I work with individuals, couples and families looking to pursue a whole and healthy life.

Note: All sessions will be conducted via Telehealth with Zoom through your TherapyAppointment portal. You can register for your personal account here. For any questions, please click “Find New Hope Today” for more information.

*Beginning In September*

The Seven Principles Class for Couples – Online

Check out the new 8-week online class beginning September 1st and 3rd! The Seven Principles class for couples is a workshop based on the internationally acclaimed research of Dr. John Gottman as presented in his New York Times bestselling book—The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. This educational workshop has been offered across the US and internationally, and has strengthened the relationships of tens of thousands of couples. It’s specifically designed to help couples improve their friendship and learn powerful communication and conflict management skills.

* By registering, you are agreeing to pay the full class fee. Please see the FAQs to learn more.

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