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If you have any question about therapy, please feel free to email me here or call with any questions or concerns you may have. Areas of focus include the following:


  • Couples
    • Pre-Marital
    • Marital Enrichment
    • Conflict Management/Resolution
    • Family Therapy
  • Physical & Emotional Infidelity / Extra-Martial Affairs
  • Finances – Financial Peace University Coordinator
  • Health Coaching – ACE Certified Health Coach
  • Parents
    • Bringing Baby Home – Preparatation for your marriage and family
    • Emotion Coaching Parenting Approach
  • Pornography / Sexual Addiction

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Below is a list of services I provide at both of my Indianapolis office locations.

» Free Phone Consultation – Call Now!

» Counseling Sessions

  • See Areas of Focus
  • 30-Minute Consultation Session.
  • 60-Minute Therapy Session. (most common)
  • 90-minute and 120-minute therapy sessions.

» Couple Intensive

A “Couple Intensive” takes the hours of couples counseling that would usually take 2-9 months and places them in the context of a smaller timeframe: 1-3 days.*

Learn more about the Couple Intensive here.

» Online Therapy Sessions

  • Online therapy sessions can be more convenient for couples or individuals that do not live within realistic driving distance to either office location that would like to have Logan as their therapist.

Email or call (317) 572-7411 today!


*Couple Intensives are for all couples committed to the therapeutic process as well as commitment to making their relationship work. A couple intensive is for you if:

  • You have long-term issues that have not responded well to weekly sessions.
  • You feel “stuck” in your current relationship, feeling like divorce is the only option.
  • Your marriage feels stagnant and you want more passion and intimacy together.
  • You believe your relationship is strong, but want/need a refresher and would like to learn new skills, but do not want weekly therapy sessions.
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About Logan

When looking for a therapist, it is hard to know what you should be looking for and what to expect when you sit down for your first session. This page is dedicated to all of you who want and need to know more about me and my practice.

I am an Indiana native and grew up in the small city of Crawfordsville, Indiana. In high school, I felt a strong calling to pursue a ministry in counseling and attended Johnson Bible verified by Psychology TodayCollege in Knoxville, Tennessee. There, I earned my bachelor of science degree in counseling and biblical studies and later earned my master of arts degree in marriage and family therapy and professional counseling from Johnson University (formerly Johnson Bible College).

When not conducting therapy sessions, I enjoy several activities such as running, playing and listening to music, reading a good book and spending time with my beautiful wife and family. An important factor when choosing any therapist is choosing a therapist that takes care of him or herself. It is important for me to take care of myself so I am able to care for others.

As a faith-based therapist, I use an integrative approach to help people navigate through difficult seasons in their lives. Couples and families want to assurance of something saturated in research and science, but an approach that fits their values and beliefs. I have had 6 years of clinical experience working with couples and families and love every moment I am able to spend with others. Being in this position is such a privilege and I am honored to sit with those who are hurting and in need of help.13240080_10153750807773520_5241428512530727099_n

Sometimes asking for help is the hardest thing we can do. I encourage you to take that first step and begin your journey towards the relationships you deserve! Schedule Online Today.

Have Questions? Email or call Call today!






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Schedule Appointment

Choose Your Preferred Location

Availability will vary by location. If you would like to schedule a time that is not on my calendar, please contact me directly at 317-572-7411 or email me

»Northeast Indianapolis
Groff & Associates: Professional Counseling

7425 E. 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46256

»South Side (Greenwood)
Southside Pastoral Counseling, Inc.

ReMax Building (across from SAMs Club)
48 N. Emerson Ave.
Suite 650
Greenwood, IN 46143


Please visit my online waiting room by clicking here. Make sure you call or email ahead of time!

Have Questions? Please send an email or call at any time!