Take a moment.

Right now — and ask yourself, “What makes me extraordinary?”

So many of us think of ourselves as ordinary, average, typical, or simply boring.

Again – think, “What makes me extraordinary?”

The subject of “me” can go in a lot of different directions. One thinks about their 9 to 5 job that they have been working out the last 10 to 30 years. A mother and father think about the rigors of parenthood or the futile attempts to actually see a floor underneath the toys, books or dolls. The business person who puts in the hours in the office, but the stress of the next meeting or the incoming paperwork that needs to be done imprisons the business person’s mind.

Once again – think, “What makes me extraordinary?”

When you look in the mirror. What do you say to yourself? How does your reflection reflect your thoughts, your feelings, your past and future actions? When you see yourself, do you see depression? Do you see fear or doubt? Do you hear worthless? Guilt? Shame? I would think the literal answer to those questions is “no,” but at times we force a whole mess of negative onto ourselves, which not only makes us feel worse, but can allow our relationships to suffer.

Finally – think, “What makes me extraordinary?”

I recently heard a story about three men laying bricks. When asked, “What are  you doing,” the first bricklayer stated, “I am just laying brick.” The second bricklayer stated, “I am just building a wall.” When the third bricklayer was asked, “What are you doing,” he stated, “I am building a cathedral.”

What cathedrals go unfinished because we have lost our perspective?

What goals are left unaccomplished because of doubt or fear? What plans have been placed on hold for years because of one or two unfortunate events? How many angry words have been thrown at God because of missed opportunities, unexpected losses, or terrible tragedies?

If you adopt the mindset of “just laying brick,” you may be more prone to set it aside or simply stop any and all progress when times get tough. Let’s say you adopt the mindset of “just building a wall.” What could happen if a storm blows that one wall to the ground? It may be difficult to begin building that wall once again.

The question “what makes me extraordinary,” can be answered many different ways, but what is your story? As a Christian, as a husband, as a son, as a brother, as a friend and as a therapist, I have the wonderful privilege to strive to be the best I can within all of those roles. I have the honor to display God’s love in my own life and teach God’s love through scripture, actions and love. I can build a Godly legacy in my marriage and multiply that legacy when, Lord willing, I become a father. As a therapist, I have been so blessed with insightful professors, intelligent supervisors and valuable experience.

What cathedrals are waiting to be constructed, restored, or reinforced. What about the monumental cathedrals that were unintentionally built and fortified through negative habits, addiction or strained/broken relationships?

I feel lead to say to those reading this right now. Stop waiting and hoping for something to come along and take action! Adopt the mindset of a grand vision rather than the mundane, ordinary or worthless. Sometimes we need help and do not be fearful to ask for that help and walk through whatever the process may be.

One reason I became a counselor was to help others in need.

The possibilities for you and your life, for your children’s lives, our future generations are far too important to sit back and wait. We all must take action now. Stop waiting and be extraordinary today!


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