An encouraging word every single day can make any day turn around in an instant.

Unfortunately, I do not always have the time (or energy) to open up my laptop and write a formal encouraging word of the day every single day, however, most of us possess a book (sometimes multiple and in many versions) that allow us to be uplifted even in the worst of days. You probably can guess this book – The Bible.

My wife, Jessie and I joined a small group at our church, Vineyard Community Church, and are currently going through the book Radical Together by David Platt. Including ourselves, we have 14 in our group alone and over 200 participating in groups all over Indianapolis and the surrounding areas (if the rest of this post is not encouraging – that is)! I definitely encourage you to check out this book by clicking on the link within this paragraph!

In our short, 6-week class, I cannot help to be especially encourage to know that, not only are 7 couples and 14 individuals seeking to make a difference for the Kingdom of God, but we are able to connect and become unified together as a group and ultimately as a church.

The book’s subtitle states, “Unleashing the people of God for the purpose of God.” David Platt speaks on his experience as a pastor of a church, walks through how the good things we do within the church that may not be the best for for the church, and uncovers how the Gospel saves us from work and saves us to work. The last chapter we dove into reinforces (or reminds us) that God’s Word does the work. I would say it is pretty difficult to grow and spiritually mature when we are listening to a “self-produced, mainstream, ‘entertaining’ message” that comes from popular sources, but not the Word. I personally believe that these types of messages can attract crowds, new believers or even the “average Joe” that is wondering what this “church” thing is all about, however, I do not think it produces a genuine relationship with God and allow a deeper and more personal relationship or connection with Jesus.

imagesSince Jessie and I have attended the Vineyard, I have learned a lot about my interaction with God’s Word and especially with God’s Holy Spirit. David’s message progresses further to say, “God is saying something.” When we allow God’s Word to do the work, all we need to do is be open and listen to what He wants to say through His Word and how the Word can shape and mold us into who we are not or who God wants us to be.

As a group yesterday evening, we were encouraged to spend a moment in silence throughout this week and be still and listen to the Word and Spirit because God is saying something. He is saying something to you! My encouragement to anyone reading this is that God has something to say to you, reveal to you, protect you from, or comfort you with. Spend a moment in silence – wherever you may be. In your home, in your car, at your church, wherever you are comfortable. God has something to say to all of us. What is He saying to you?

What has God been saying today? Last week? Last month? While I enjoy encouraging others, I am filled with joy when I hear others are being encouraged and they share. God is doing some big things – It is truly awesome to share what he is doing in your life, your church and your community – please leave a comment or contact me directly by clicking on the “Contact Me” tab above.

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