It’s officially been 32 days since I started the 30 day nutritional challenge called the Whole30®

Now I am definitely not as bold as to post before and after pictures of myself, so the sick figure on top of a mountain will suffice for now, but the differences are there.

Here are some of the changes I have noticed over the last 30 days:

  • Improved Skin/Tone
  • Sustained Energy (not necessarily more energy)
  • Positive and Increased Self-Image / Self-Confidence
  • Positive / More Joyful Outlook
  • Increased / Sustained Mental Performance
  • Improved Lung Capacity / Breathing (during exercise)
  • Weight Loss (15 pounds to be exact) / Tone in Muscles (due to exercise)
  • Adapted taste buds (appreciate natural / raw foods)

Now, I have gone through the Daniel Fast twice, made it half way through the Whole30® once before, experienced a pretty significant weight loss a few years ago through simple diet and loads of exercise and have “eaten well” plenty of times, but this has been a very interesting experience. I think the different between this time and the previous attempt was reading the book.

Dave Ramsey gives advice regarding how couples should discuss their finances and states, “Do not tell your spouse what you are going to do with your money and how you are going to do it. Tell each other and remind each other of why you are spending your money the way you are.”

I think it is pretty difficult to say “I am going to begin this difficult process just because” and actually stick with it. People can ask, “Why are you doing this?” How silly would it be to say, “I don’t know. These people told me to do it.” Instead of taking the Hartwig’s words for truth (like I did the first time), what they have to say in their book “It Starts With Food” is fascinating and incredibly educational and not only explains what makes less healthy foods less healthy, but why more healthy foods are really and truly more healthy for you and your overall health (see benefits above). Granted, I am 26 and may have not dug myself in a significantly deep nutritional hole, but my relationship with food was simply not as healthy as it should have been.

While I would encourage others to at least read Dallas and Melissa Hartwig’s book, I am not the type of person that is going to rave about how awesome this experience was. At times, it was hard. If you have always wanted to try something like this then I would really encourage you to try it. Don’t know where to begin? Read the book! Or ask me! While I would not consider myself an expert on the subject of nutrition, it helps to to be encouraged through the process.

The same thing can honestly be said about my personal faith. Let me say this – Christianity is so much more than a 30 day program or a simple lifestyle change – my faith makes me who I am and I act and make my decisions because of who I am, not because it is the right thing or moral thing to do. While my faith is important to me, I am not the type of person to “sell” my faith. Just as the results of the Whole30® can visibly speak for themselves, others can see the “results” of my faith. At times, my personal faith is also not visible. It is seen in my marriage, in my emotional responses to difficult situations, my thoughts of myself / or of others, how I steward my money, the reasons behind my actions, etc. The only way people are going to know why is if I actually tell others why I do it! However, I am not going to tell someone else (or even my wife) what to do and how to do it. Period. I am going to explain the reasons for my faith, the reasons for my emotional responses, the reasons as to why I make my decisions, and the reasons why I chose Jesus and continue to choose Jesus every single day.

Have you completed the Whole30®? Tell me about your experience!


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