In a recent column for the Current in Fishers, local newspaper for the city of Fishers, Indiana, I write about the importance of premarital counseling or education and the different benefits of the premarital counseling process. To read the column, click here.

Whether you are in a serious dating relationship, days or months away from your vows or just beginning the journey of marriage – you can benefit from premarital/martial enrichment counseling/education. A conversation I have had with many of my clients is the myth that counseling is only necessary when there is a “problem” or “issue” to work through. While seeking a counselor or therapist may be the best route to rebuild a struggling marriage, prevention, awareness and education is much more powerful. Co-founder of PREPARE/ENRICH, Dr. David Olsen writes about the power of prevention in his book, “The Couple Checkup.” He writes:

“… treating couples that wait too long to come for martial therapy is much like treating terminal cancer. The relationship has been so destroyed that is is very difficult to rebuild.”

Notice how Dr. Olsen does not say “impossible to rebuild.” When we know certain factors that can cause harm to our relationships, it is a lot easier to identify and then address the issues within.

The PREPARE/ENRICH program began in 1980 and since then has served over 3 million couples (6 million individuals) and gathered an incredible amount of research that has allowed multiple professionals to help couples navigate through their relationship to build a great foundation for healthy and truly happy marriages.

So what are the benefits?

  • Explore strength and growth areas
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Identify and manage major stressors
  • Resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model
  • Develop a more balanced relationship
  • Explore family of origin issues
  • Discuss financial planning and budgeting
  • Establish personal, couple and family goals
  • Understand and appreciate personality differences
  • Much more!

To find out more about PREPARE/ENRICH or to take the next step to learning more about the strengths in your own marriage, contact me directly by emailing me a or calling me at 317-474-6448 x 112.

I believe all couples (dating, engaged or married) deserve a happy relationship. You deserve a happy marriage. I also believe in professional and honest feedback speaking the truth in love. Investing in or rebuilding your marriage is worth it.

Mention this article and receive a $10.00 discount (normally $35 – you pay $25) when you sign up to take the PREPARE/ENRICH questionnaire.*

*Number of therapy sessions range from 6-12 dependent on the topics discussed. Requires at least 1 consultation appointment with a trained facilitator in your area to gather results. Need more information? Email me at any time at I will respond within 24-48 hours.

Looking for a quick “snapshot” of your relationship and marital strengths? Take the Couple Checkup! You will receive quick and accurate feedback regarding the strengths of your relationship in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Financial Management
  • Relationship Roles
  • Affection and Sexual Relationship
  • Couple Closeness and Flexibility
  • Family Closeness and Flexibility
  • Personality

It will also provide discussion items for you and your partner to begin to generate deep and productive conversations that restores insight and understanding about one another. Begin reading the book by ordering here!*

*Taking the PREPARE/ENRICH questionnaire requires at least 1 consultation appointment with a trained facilitator in your area. Search for a facilitator in your area by starting here. Outside the U.S.?  See the International Offices. For the Couple Checkup– This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional mental health treatment. Always seek the advice of a local professional or other qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding mental health or relationship needs.

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