Seven Principles Class for Couples – March Start

The Seven Principles class for couples is a workshop based on the internationally acclaimed research of Dr. John Gottman as presented in his New York Times bestselling book—The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. This educational workshop has been offered across the US and internationally, and has strengthened the relationships of tens of thousands of couples. It’s specifically designed to help couples improve their friendship and learn powerful communication and conflict management skills.

The 8-week online, engaging class includes lectures, demonstrations, videos and private couples exercises. The activities are informative, insightful and most of all – FUN!

Benefits of Attending the Class

  • Learn to be best friends again!
  • Learn to view the good instead of the bad.
  • Learn how to manage conflict and become a “master” of your relationship.
  • Learn how to love each other well and accommodate needs without sacrificing your own.
  • Learn how to find solutions to those “everyday” problems that couples fight about.
  • Learn different ways to connect on a deeper level.

Couples will Learn and Practice Research-Proven Tools:

  • Make conflict work for your relationship
  • Deepen intimacy and build trust
  • Identify your solvable vs. perpetual issues
  • Strengthen your foundation of friendship
  • Collaborate more effectively to solve problems
  • Communicate clearly and effectively (…and get more of what you want and need as a result!)

Couples that would benefit from this workshop:

  • Premarital Couples
  • Every couple from newlyweds to seniors
  • Those who wish to take their marriage from good to great
  • Those needing better conflict management skills

Couples that this workshop would not be well suited for: 

  • Severe relationship distress
  • Emotional abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Active addictions (alcohol, drug, gambling)
  • Serious mental health problems in one or both partners
  • Single people

What You Receive When You Register

Depending on availability and supply from The Gottman Institute, couples will receive the following:

  • Two (2) copies of the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Couples Guide spiral bound books. (See left)
    • If materials are not available for purchase at, couples will receive a printable digital copy of the Couples Guide.
  • One (1) copy of the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work book.
  • Download the Gottman Card Decks App Today!

What is the Cost for the 8-Week Course?

Total cost will be $350 per couple. Each week, we will spend 1.5 hours for each module working through the Seven Principles Workbook totaling 12 hours for the entirety of the class.

What are the dates and time for the class?

Class begins on Thursday, March 24th and will run 8 weeks to Thursday, May 12th. The class will begin promptly at 6:00pm to 7:30pm Eastern.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will I have to share our personal problems with the class? 
    • No. The class does not include sharing problems or issues publicly. Couples exercises are done privately.
  • Q: Must both partners attend, or can I come alone? 
    • You must attend this class as a couple. Since the class involves couples doing exercises together, both partners must participate.
    • Additionally, couples will need to be in the same physical location to complete the class and exercises with each other.
  • Q: Myself and/or my partner isn’t a reader. Can we still come to the class even if we haven’t read the book?
    • Yes! You are encouraged to come to the class.  While the book provides valuable information, the class lectures explain the content of the book. You will receive a copy of the book and each person will be provided with a couples guide as part of your workshop packet and we will go through the material together.
  • Q: Should we do the exercises in the book at home or save them for class? 
    • The class will involve doing some exercises from the book so doing them at home will duplicate some of them. We won’t be completing all the exercises in the book, so please feel free to complete the remainder of the exercises on your own!
  • Q: Is this therapy? 
    • No, this is a psycho-educational class and is not a replacement for couples’ therapy. You will learn skills but will not be talking about private moments in your life. If you would like to seek therapy, you can become a client after the class concludes.
  • Q: Is there a limit to how many couples can join the class?
    • The class will be limited to 10 couples.
  • Q: Will my insurance cover this workshop? 
    • No. This is a weekly psycho-educational class that is not covered by any insurance.
  • Q: When is payment due for the class?
    • Payment will be due at the time of registration after you have completed all forms for the class. If you need a payment plan, please contact me.
  • Q: What platform do you use for the class?
    • We will be using Zoom for the class. You will be given a link after you register 2 weeks before the class starts. We will use the same link for every week when we meet.
  • Q: How do we register for the class?
    • Please click here to register for the class. You will be redirected to fill out a form. After you fill out the form, you will receive an invitation to your own portal for an account for the Seven Principles Group.
    • You will complete additional documents once you accept the invitation to the portal.
  • Q: Help! We can’t make it to a class, will we be able to make it up?
    • Unfortunately not, all classes will be recorded and can be shared upon request. If you will miss 4 or more weeks, you may attend another class offered within the same year (please see cancellation policy below)*
  • Q: If we wanted you to be our therapist, can we schedule a session with you?
    • After the 8-week class has finished, I would be more than happy to meet with you in my normal practice.

About Your Class Leader

Logan Everett is a licensed marriage and family therapist that has been in private practice for 7 years with 11 years of clinical experience. Logan has completed all 3 levels of training with the Gottman Method and utilizes the Gottman Method with his work with couples. Logan is also a facilitator of the premarital inventories Prepare/Enrich and SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts).

*Cancellation Policy:  

If you are unable to attend the workshop you registered for, your registration can be transferred over to another workshop offered within the same year. Unfortunately, no refunds will be given, but we can find an upcoming workshop that works better with your schedule.  

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