2-Day Intensive

Choosing to be apart of a couple intensive not only indicates your commitment to your partner, it is also an investment to making your relationship healthy. Take comfort in your decision to be intentional in your relationship to pursue the relationship or marriage you desire! The 2-Day intensive is designed to strengthen your relationship by building intimacy, reinforcing safety and connection, learning new skills and refocusing on the design and purpose of marriage. 2-Day intensives are also designed to address ongoing struggles in your relationship and focus on forgiveness and healing.

» 2-Day Intensive

The 2-day intensive is the most common choice for couples in need of therapy. The 2-Day intensive is offered on Fridays/Saturdays throughout the year and allows for couples to escape from the mundane or chaos and give adequate focused attention on building or rebuilding intimacy, trust, commitment and love for each other. The 2-day intensive also allows couples to get to the root of ongoing issues and struggles and begin to positively dialogue about their relationship and begin to have a sense of closeness, safety and belonging.

2-Day Intensive Pricing

The 2-Day Couple Intensive costs $3,000. This price includes:

  • Office-Based Intensive @ two Indianapolis locations.
  • 50-minute Initial Session (1-month prior to your intensive)
  • 50-minute Check-In Session (4-6 weeks after your intensive)
  • A written Assessment Bundle – including the devoted time your therapist spends analyzing and interpreting the results, and an assessment process based on 40+ years of real science and evaluation of thousands of couples.
  • 2 full days of focused and individualized couples therapy from a therapist trained in couples therapy. (Friday and Saturday)
  • 2-night stay at the luxurious JW Marriott hotel. (See Photos below)
  • $150 dinner gift card for food during your weekend. Breakfast will be provided during the morning of your second day at the hotel.
  • Hundreds of dollars worth of resources and materials for you to keep!
  • Confidence that you have committed to better understand your relationship, reconnect, rebuild and grow as a couple and pursue a strong family legacy.

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