Couple Intensive

What is a Couple Intensive?

A Couple Intensive or a Couple Therapy “Retreat” is a great alternative to weekly or bi-weekly sessions, the typical therapeutic approach. While weekly therapy is an effective form of couples therapy, it isn’t always a right fit for every couple. An Intensive takes the hours of couples therapy that would usually occur over 2-9 months and places them in a much smaller timeframe: 1-3 days.

*Couple Intensives are for any couple needing therapy in a committed relationship, married or non-married*

 What are the advantages of a Couple Intensive?

The Couple Intensive approach creates intentional and focused time allowing you to discuss deep rooted issues for an extended period of time. This allows for:

  • Effective communication of problems.
  • Establishing understanding between a couple.
  • Greater emotional connections and bonds.
  • Development and implementation of several skills.
  • Deepening of friendship and intimacy in several areas.

Get down to the real issues in your relationship in days rather than months and get back to your lives and relationship!

Options for Couple Intensives:

  • 1-Day Intensive
    • Need a tune up? This is a perfect fit for you!
  • 2-Day Intensive
    • The most common option for couples in need of help in their relationships.
  • 3-Day Intensive
    • If you are thinking, “This is it… last resort… make or break…”  Get help now! this is for you!

Click for Pricing and More Information

*Payment plans are available for all couples.

Questions? Email or Call (317) 572-7411.

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